I’ve received an intimation that I will be reborn. This particular destination is not guaranteed, but… I can say that: if I return on 1 March – after a day in that bardo which we call the leap day in the Gregorian calendar, Feb 29 – I will be found at thefocusingmandala.com.au.

I will be exploring the dynamics of being a sentient being – specifically, of course, I mean being a human sentient being. But I do hope that the principles we uncover in that place will be applicable to cockroaches, mosquitoes, dogs, egrets and amœbas (or, amœbæ).

I think of a mandala as the basic space of oneself in one’s relationship to (….). So, to study the mandala principle in relation to focusing is to explore how meaning arises out of the basic space of our awareness in situations. I’m interested in the principles and the transformative power of basic space.