Links to Christopher Ash’s websites

The purpose of all these sites is to help people know themselves directly, experientially. This site is a portal for the group of people exploring how the concepts in Eugene Gendlin’s process philosophy can give precision to Buddhist meditation and mindfulness. There is an list of Events & Courses run by myself Christopher on this site. This site has a little bit of information about the practice of Focusing, which is the art of contacting felt meaning, and strengthening its already-present functioning in cognition. Gendlin coined the term, in the late fifties and early sixties, ‘felt sense’ for this important zone of consciousness. There’s a collection of blog entries on the approach I am calling ‘Whole Body Mindfulness.’ There are also a few early Buddhist texts translated here. The blog pieces on this site I wrote (generally speaking) during one of my ‘Year to Live’ practice years. They are mostly an exploration of how early Buddhism think of death and dying; but they go beyond that subject and have much early Buddhist psychology in them.

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